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I had to be helped to a chair.

I was not dizzy or light-headed as if I was going to faint, I just felt that I could no longer hold my weight. I was not hysterical or otherwise out of control of my emotions outwardly, I just couldn't stand.

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I understand why this happened, but I'm wondering how it occurred. Was it a rush of adrenaline, a lack of oxygen to my joints, a blood pressure thing? First of all, I'm sorry to hear about your mom, and your own medical problems.

Weak at the knees?

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Love words? Another anatomical difference: the width of the groove at the end of the femur the femoral intercondylar notch. That groove, through which the ACL passes, tends to be narrower in women, and some believe that lateral and jumping movements may, over time, have a nasty shearing effect on the ACL.


Other studies, however, suggest joint looseness and cyclic risk varies greatly from woman to woman, and still others have rejected the hormone factor altogether. Floors and Footwear. The type of playing surface and footwear may also have a role in ACL injury.

While studies have shown mixed results, it appears that sticky rubber floors and shoes with cleats — both of which cause the foot to catch in place when landing from a jump or making a quick movement — can boost the risk of injury. This is especially notable for women, who tend to have a higher foot turnover meaning they interact more with the playing surface when engaged in a sport.

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Connective-tissue properties. The ACL is a connective tissue that stores elastic energy like a rubber band — it helps put the spring in your steps and the height in your jumps.

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But how well it controls the joint depends on the speed and magnitude of the movement: Sudden, rapid motions, particularly lateral ones, can greatly increase the risk of a tear. Strength ratios. The general recommendation for a healthy hamstring-to-quadricep strength ratio is for the hamstring to be at least 60 percent — and ideally closer to 80 percent — as strong as the quad.

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Movement habits. According to a study published in Clinical Biomechanics , women tend to move differently than men. For example, women are more likely to land from jumps with straighter legs, relying on their knee and ankle joints to take the brunt of the impact. On landing, their thighbones, shinbones and feet tend to rotate inward more and their knees come toward each other, placing undue stress on the ligaments.

They force connective tissues to work harder to manage the weight loads and to stabilize moving parts.