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He is lately, at 48, consumed with trying to gauge exactly where he stands in the national esteem. When I first met him, in his downtown office, a few minutes before he went on the air, he asked me why I wanted to do an article on him. I took this to mean he possessed the natural discomfort that a producer might have with someone else telling his story. Or the author of three best-selling books, or the host of a nightly talk show, the first one in late night with a working bar, no matter what James Corden says?

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And so he is these days often trying to figure out a metric by which he can ascertain where he falls in the fame food chain. Another tux he likes is being held for Johnny Depp, which is O. I was like, oh, O.

But again, this is just data. I have my show. I have my life. You know what I mean?

He wants to watch the rise and fall of things, even himself, without trying to manipulate the process. He wants it all to play out.


The people will decide, and watching what the people decide and how they decide is far more important than the decision itself. He had a Diana Ross poster on his wall. What was it, though? What was it? She got home that night and looked under his bed, where she found a healthy stash of gay porn. Now she was sure something was going on, but what? She spoke with a psychologist she knew who understood gay issues because he had a gay relative, and that psychologist told her that maybe she should stop looking under his bed.

And he told her he was. A mother always knows. So, just me being me. I used to think if I could work on a morning show then I could be me. In that footage, Cohen saw something. This is a soap opera. Right before the first season aired in , he had a minor crisis over the opening credits. The Housewives were going to think the producers were sabotaging them. But Levine told him the Housewives had already seen it — and they loved it. I mean maybe all men, too; I think all people want to be heard and understood.

He learned that an audience will respond to however eccentric or stubborn or mean or dumb or kind a person is if that person is being authentic. It was part of a three-episode arc in which the women go to Ireland so that one of them, Meghan, can track down her ancestors. This is manifested as her actually tapping people on the shoulder in the street and asking if they are related to her. That went right out the window on this trip. Well, it was one such flick, which she administered to Vicki, that plunged the whole trip into darkness.

Kelly wanted to know why Heather was so uptight about it, since Jews are supposed to have a good sense of humor. Or that it was too crass. Had people been on a subway recently? Had they read an online comments section? Teresa Giudice was having a real breakdown when she flipped that table in New Jersey.

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But in New York, when Aviva Drescher got angry and threw her prosthetic leg at Le Cirque, of all places, in a last-ditch effort to make her onscreen presence more interesting, well, that was the last we saw of Aviva. A few months after the women from Orange County returned from Ireland and watched the episodes through holes between their fingers, they pulled themselves together for the reunion. He had spent election night at her house, actually, and as soon as it became clear who the winner was, Cohen left the room to eat. A few days later, his optimism had mostly returned.

Anderson Cooper told me when we met in St. Onstage at the Y, he had already come around enough to say that he thinks that at heart, Donald Trump is a Democrat.

We met at Cafe Cluny again a week later, and I asked him if he had noticed the silence. He wanted to know why everyone he knew was so surprised about all of this. He was right. Marley Dias has an active sociological imagination. She thought she was dealing with a personal matter, but she quickly learned from the outpouring response from the public that her personal problem is in fact an engrained social issue.

Black girls are underrepresented and in many cases missing. Girls of color are almost completely absent relative to the majority culture. We choose the words social and action carefully. We want our children to understand themselves as social actors, connected to the world. In addition, we teach our girls that to achieve justice they must ACT. A love of reading is the most important legacy we can offer to our children and our students.

Reading opens windows to new ideas, peoples, places, and experiences. Reading also provides mirrors for students to see themselves and their lives reflected in the characters they meet in books. Reading builds vocabulary and background knowledge, empowering children with the tools needed to express themselves and think about the world around them. Nurturing joyful reading in children primes their brains for lifelong learning and develops important social emotional skills like stamina, reflection, and empathy.

As we build readers, we must make reading pleasurable and help children understand that reading is a skill that builds over time. Here are a few tips for parents and educators to create environments that invite children to confidently embrace and fall in love with stories and books. Want to support the BlackGirlBooks Campaign?

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Marley's Welcome. President's Letter. Reading Tips. Tips for parents: Model reading. Read, read, read to your child, with your child, or in front your child every day. Immerse your child in books. Transform your entire home into a reading zone by placing books in every room. Awaken your child to new ideas, places, people, or experiences in books and stories by asking them questions and always answering the question they have.

Empower your child by allowing them to choose books to read, whether based on what interests them or on book covers and titles. Arm your child by always leaving home with books. When your child gets older ask them if they have a book before leaving for school, the doctor, or a long ride. Talk with your child about what is happening in their lives and the world around them.