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Technically the first film in the reboot series and eleventh in the franchise overall, J.

12 Time Travel Books That’ll Make You Wish You Had a Time Machine

In other words, the same characters are living in an alternate timeline, thanks to the possibilities set up by time travel. While the film may not center on time travel directly, this element is what allowed this film to be a success.

#1 – Jenna Moreci

I must say: perhaps this is the best time travel movie of all. Jenna has no choice but to quickly learn the ropes of her adult life. Not only is the concept original and fun, but it sheds light on the beauty of savoring childhood innocence and optimism in an overly pessimistic world. The film is more for entertainment than anything to think too deeply about, but it makes for some good action sequences. Both time periods come together in order to save their species, all wonderfully brought together through time travel.

Close attention to detail will pay off when watching this movie, and intricacy often makes for the best time travel film. A goofy but loveable entry, this film has Keanu Reeves and Alex Winters playing floundering high school students. The concept may seem ridiculous, but the absurdity is what makes it great. The film follows two friends who build a device that unintentionally creates a time loop. Of course, they start out by using this to their advantage but quickly learn there are catastrophic consequences to their tampering with time.

But in terms of escapism, all time travel movies are pretty great. Tags: History Lists Time Travel.

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I write about film and occasionally other stuff. Xavier Dolan enthusiast. Trying to read books before seeing their film adaptations and sometimes succeeding.

Winfried Sedhoff Releases New Sci-Fi Time Travel Romance Novel

Film School Rejects Toggle navigation. In no particular order, these are the best time travel movies of all-time. Ancient Echoes. A Laird to Hold. Beyond The Moors. Ellie Lynn. Morna's Legacy: Books 4, 4. Bethany Claire. Lost in the Highlands, Volume Two. Lonely is the Knight. Cynthia Luhrs.

7 Fun and Romantic Time Travel Asian Dramas

Darkest Knight. Knight Moves.

My Heart's in the Highlands. Highlander's Champion. Joanne Wadsworth. Cottage in the Mist. Dee Davis. Last Knight. Secrets of the Highwayman. Sara Mackenzie. Wish I Might. My One and Only Knight. Heaven on Earth. Constance O'Day-Flannery. Losing Time. Here and Now. Anywhere You Are. First Knight. Highland Retribution. My Tempting Highlander. Maeve Greyson.

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Knight Errant. My Seductive Highlander. The Dragon Chronicles: Book One. Scotland Lovers - Book 3. Nadine Travers. My Highland Lover.

Chris Karlsen - Knights, Time Travel and Romance

Once and Forever. Scotland Lovers - Book 2. To Save a Savage Scot. Tamara Gill. Passions of the Ghost. Forever Knight. Time After Time. Must Love Kilts. Angela Quarles.

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  • Love Beyond Destiny. Lost Bride. Love Beyond Wanting. Soulmates Through Time. Knights in Time Boxed Set. Into the Highlander's Domain. Samantha Leal. My Highland Bride. Sadie's Highlander. Anywhere in Time. Melissa Mayhue. She writes primarily about two different families, and they occasionally meet in the past, and the present. One of my alltime favorite time travel romances is Son of the Morning by Linda Howard.

    Great writing, and incredibly hot sex. One of her best, IMO. It needed either more, or less…. I LOVE that book. Another that I really liked was J.