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take/have your ˈpick (of something)

The characteristics of the goods also play a role because they often have consequences for the storage method. Voluminous articles will be in pallet racks or even on floor locations. Smaller goods tend to be stored in shelving systems.

In warehouses with different storage systems, parallel picking may well be the most practical solution. Independent companies which test warehouse forklift trucks, like the Dutch agency Andersom, have pointed out that most gains on the lower level can be expected from working with forklifts offering good acceleration, flying start and walk-beside features, and great ergonomics.

Take your pick

The warehouse manager must then deliver a routing process that reduces wasted time and optimise picking distances. It simply does not exist. Each situation will turn out to be unique. Too many factors are involved and it therefore pays to work with experts when designing your optimal order picking process. If you would like to read the unabridged article by Gian Schiava please visit Eureka , the online magazine for the materials handling professional.

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Take your pick - How to design the ideal order picking process. Static versus dynamic Order picking is the process of retrieving products from storage or buffer areas to fulfil a specific order. The method most suited to your business will depend on these four factors: The number of orders per day The number of order lines per order The product assortment The characteristics of the goods Sequential picking works well if the number of order lines per order is limited.

take (one's) pick

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